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Book Proposal/Query Letter Book Camp

A day-long writing class

Books and GlassesAn effective query letter followed by a skillfully written book proposal is the key to getting a literary agent’s attention. Your query letter or book proposal is one of hundreds that a typical agent will read in an average month. The first sentence, paragraph or page of your submission can capture an agent’s attention and curiosity or doom your project to the reject pile.  This day-long class is for writers who want to learn the secrets of writing an irresistible query letter and a book proposal that seals the deal. 



You will learn:

  • Why the query letter is more about what you are offering than what you are asking for.
  • What a query letter is intended to do and what a query letter should never do.
  • Why researching the market and literary competition in your genre is a key element of your book proposal.
  • Why strong writing trumps everything.

This is a hands-on class which will include in-class writing of query letters and portions of book proposals, as well as critique of participants existing letters and proposals. We will examine and discuss successful book proposals, as well as how to conduct research for your proposal.

Participants can be at any stage in the development of their writing project. Participants will be asked to submit a brief statement describing their writing project and if relevant, a history of submission to literary agents.

The class will be taught by author/master teacher Marita Golden. Ms. Golden is the award-winning author of over a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction and a veteran teacher of writing.

Register Now!

CalendarWhere: Home of Marita Golden - Prince Georges County, MD (upon registration you will be sent the complete address) subway accessible via Largo Town Center stop on the Metro Blue Line

When: Saturday, October 8, 2011 from 10:00AM to 5:00PM (EDT)

Registration Fee: $159


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