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Marita Golden’s E-Newsletter – February 2010

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Are You Ready to Write?

Frederick Douglass

February is Black History Month. What better time to think about writing your story? In February we officially honor African American trailblazers. Prominent among those honored are writers. Writers like Frederick Douglass, born into slavery, a man who put language at his command. Douglass used words as an orator and a writer to change his personal history and in support of societal change for us all.  We honor Zora Neale Hurston, best-known as the author of the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. But Hurston was also an anthropologist, whose groundbreaking field work in the American South, Haiti and the Caribbean shaped theComputer, Paper, Desk future of anthropology. We look at and interpret history, the past and the present in a much more complex and rich way, because of the contributions of Douglass and Hurston. To paraphrase lines from a poem by the  Persian bard Rumi, they went in the direction where there was no direction, and there they found themselves and all of us at the end of their journey.


The More Things Change (Vanity Fair and the Whiteness of Whiteness)

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

It should not be surprising that in the year of the triumph of Monique and the lead actress in the movie Precious, Vanity Fair responds with a resounding reprise of the concept of the ultimate and timeless and universal beauty of the thin pale White ingenue on their most recent Feb cover. But I guess it is to be expected, check the source, and Vanity Fair can be no more than what it is. A movie like Precious can only revolutionize as much as the status quo allows; the real revolution and perhaps the most meaningful is taking place in the hearts and minds of so many people of all ages and races who have been touched by this movie and its star.